Elixir Strings

"She has a way with words and the music that surrounds them". 


"...she is the ultimate chameleon when it comes to weaving her own unique style into the web of folk, pop, country, blues, or whatever genre she chooses to perform."



This Grammy Award winning singer songwriter has a voice that is familiar to millions of television and radio listeners. She has appeared at the White House three times, performed in nearly all 50 states, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Barbara grew up in Detroit, Michigan. She launched her career in music while attending Michigan State University, where she gained a loyal following performing in the local listening rooms and music clubs. She began touring colleges & universities throughout the United States and was voted "Best Solo Performer", "Best Acoustic Performer", and "Best Female Performer" in a national magazine poll.

Advertising production houses discovered her smooth and powerful voice and chose her to sing hundreds of commercials for McDonald's, Hallmark Cards, Heinz, and other national advertisers.

In 1996 she was awarded the music industry's highest recognition, a Grammy Award. This came to her through a new avenue, when she agreed to sing an album of original lullabies for friend and producer, J. Aaron Brown. After she received the Grammy for "Best Musical Recording for Children", the calls started coming in for children and family concerts. It's an easy transition for her to make, from adult to youth concerts and back again. Her show is always fresh and powerful, offering finely crafted songs with a clever wit.

What kind of music does she sing? Good question. While her music tends to defy categorization, singer songwriter friend, Michael Johnson, describes the style as "art songs". Her lyric driven, melodic, often humorous, alternative folk music speaks to issues of tolerance and human rights, as well as personal relationships and funny circumstances. She writes much of what she presents, and has gained critical acclaim for her work. Inspired by experience, hers are songs in which everyone can find themselves.

Dakota Records, the independent record label responsible for eleven of the singer's seventeen albums, was started by Hutchison, because she "...just didn't fit the major label mold", and she wanted to maintain more control over the content and production of her music. Singer-songwriter, Gene Cotton, produced three of her CDs including "Reconcile", her critically acclaimed "Christmas" CD, and a CD for children, "Cat In The Sink".

Hutchison is content with her career, happy to be writing meaningful songs, and to be able to present them to intelligent and attentive listeners. She loves nothing better than sharing her songs, telling their stories, and joking with her audience whether they are adults, children, or a happy mix of both.

A one-woman theatre concert presented by this Grammy Award winning singer songwriter provides "profound thoughts, deep feelings, and a wicked sense of humor".

In addition to her career as a professional musician, every June for the past 20 years, Barbara has taught songwriting, papermaking, and portrait drawing at the Young Scholars Institute and Kids on Stage summer programs in middle TN.

"Should her music receive the radio exposure it deserves, the rest of the world will learn what her fans already know: Barbara and her music are full of grace, humor, hopefulness, and most of all, deep humanity."

"Her very special gift of quality entertainment has brought us a breath of refreshing air that has revived our souls and raised our spirits!"