Artist Statement

I love to paint heads. While some call such paintings portraits, I consider a portrait to be more of a precise visual representation of a real person. My heads are a little less literal. I seek to capture the emotion, the light, the character, an essence of my subject that perhaps lies beneath the surface.

Every human face is a landscape in itself. There are so many stories to tell in the crevices and planes of the forehead and cheeks. The light in the eyes, or lack there of, the curves and shadows of the lips, the nose... so many variations, so many beautiful shapes to explore and define.

While many artists inspire me, Mark Mehaffey is my mentor, my painting guru. He has helped me discover the joy of experimenting with color, value, and surface. He opened the door of possibilities and continues to push me from my outsider vantage point to where the action is. Another of my favorite artists is Chuck Close. My first exposure to his wall-sized self portrait launched me in a whole new direction with my art and my paintings. His magnificent heads and artistic style continue to inspire me on many levels.

The majority of the paintings included in this show are of people I know quite well and love dearly. They offer you a glimpse of my body of work which includes subjects from various walks of life who live all around the world.

As the words of a Don Henry song I sing in concert say, Ever since the beginning, to keep the world spinning, it takes all kinds of kinds. Represented here are a few 'kinds', beautiful faces, landscapes of lives being lived, stories being told, hopes and dreams reflected in a captured moment.

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