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Here's your first installment of
Babs in Thailand?!

(It was so hard to choose from the
over 3000 photos we took!

Young boy from Children's Garden

Chiang Mai Market

Street vendor in Pai

Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe musician.

Hot Springs
Chris and friend
Heading for home

BBH and Abu

Chris and Abu

Hmong student

The kitchen at Children's Garden

Our visits to the schools and orphanages were the most fun and fulfilling part of the adventure! While their needs are great, these children are caring and generous.
They're happy and filled with life.

Cutting up with the Hmong children at
Srinehru Hmong School high on Doi Sutep

Lining up for haircuts

Site of the new latrine

Doing homework with Abu

Dinner at Children's Garden

The dining room at Children's Garden

There were beautiful fireworks donated for the occasion

Scenes from the Give and Live/FERC Benefit
Some of these wonderful benefit photos were taken by Scott Jones and Brent Madison

Hmong dancers from the Srinehru Hmong School

Hmong Dancer

Frank and Scott

Joom, BBH, and Embee arriving early to help set up.


Playing with the band

Jon & Amy (The newlyweds!)

Our hosts at B aan Wongmalee, Geung & Lance.
(Father and superb golfer son!)

The band (above) and the sunset (below)

On stage breaking strings!

Lighting a fire lantern.

Stage manager Christo

Nippon in Mae Hong Son

New friends, beautiful places...

With Aey at The Hug on Sunday night.

Jake and friend

Joom, Embee, and Andy

At a wat in Bangok

Why build a road straight when it can curve?!

On the road to Pai

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