Produced by Tedd French

Wind Take My Heart

(Don Schitz, Brent Maher, Brian Dean)

Wind, take my heart
Lift it to the sky above
Send it to the one I love

Wind, tell my love
Tell him that I'm all alone
Wishing he would hurry home

I've been waiting patiently
For the one I want to see
Bring his kisses home to me tonight
Home to me tonight

Moon shining bright
Keep shining to the break of day
So my love can find a way

Take It From Me

(B.B. Hutchison and Gene Cotton)

I take it from your silence
You don't want to go on
I take it from the look in your eyes
The feelings gone
I take it from the distance
Between us tonight
That you don't think
There's a reason left to fight
Have you really had enough
Are you really giving up

Take it from me, how much I love you
Take it from me, how much I care
Take it from me, how much I want you
Take it from me, I will be there

I take it you're telling me
That this is the end
And you don't think there's a way
To start again
I take it you believe
I'd have nothing to say
Do you really think
I'd just let you walk away
I can give you what you need
If you'll only take it from me


Is there nothing I can say
That will show you there's a way
If you'll only...


Season Of the Heart

(Tom french and Tom Paden)

I need you more than you think I do
But somehow months have passed
since I reminded you
I can see you struggling to believe
Those tender words you've missed
Are still inside of me
dry your eyes. This love is alive
Surviving means trying, so hold on tight

It's just a season of the heart
The winter wind blows cold but it won't last
A season of the heart
The test of strength for love, that we must pass
A season of the heart
That passes on, so let's hold on
And keep remembering
Spring will start another season of the heart

Honey, I don't know why feeling come and go
I know now real love waits like a rose in the snow
Through the year with every smile and tear
We've built a faith that that binds our hearts
Unbroken here
Photographs of seasons past
Reminds us love's timeless , so don't give up


Into A Mall

(Don Henry)

This used to be a place where the whaler's played
Where the refugees could hide away
A place where sardine factories
Blew steam in the sea breeze
This used to be place of nickel beers
And can-can girls with no braziers
This used to be a place where Steinbeck stared
And dreamed in the sea breeze

Now it's just a mall, that's all
Artsy crafty tourists on parade
Bermuda shorts white legs black shoes
Polaroids to capture all the greens and blues
Time just turned it all into a all

This used to be a town of fortunes made
Of horses hooves on streets unpaved
This used to be the night that you blew your pay
On a lady in the saloon
There used to be gold in them there these
Purple mountains majesties
Conniving gables stole it all
On a night in the saloon


Vacation's over and we're going home
But can we stop and see the town I roamed
As a child...Just for a while

This used to be a place call a neighborhood
With picket fences made of wood
Tire swings and daydreams
Grew wild in the backyard
This used to be bells from an ice cream truck
A treehouse fortress build on luck
A friendly game of kick the can
Grew wild in the backyard

You Decide

(Beth Nielsen Chapman)

You decide
what you need
Then you let me know
I'll be waiting here until you call
Take your time
Till you find
Which way your heart must go
And when you decide
Let me know

Don't you worry if you see me cry
I would rather hear you say goodbye
Than to be the one you're seeing, love
If I'm not the one that you're dreaming of

You decide
What you want
I'll be waiting here
You already know how much I care
You decide
And we'll just go from there

Is It Love

(Barbara Bailey Hutchison)

There you are all alone
Trying your best to make a good home
For a man whose just not doing his part
Night after night he comes home late
Acting like he just can't wait
To find another way to break your heart
He can't stand to see you cry
So he makes up an alibi
Trying to leave you the blame

Is it love
That keeps you here tonight
Is it love
That's holding you tight
Is it love
Or just a memory
Of what love used to be

Well you spent another night alone
Keeping your anger under control
Hoping he'll change someday
Can't you see you've paid a high price
Making every sacrifice
Watching your dreams slip away
Soon you'll know which way to turn
When there's no bridge there left to burn
He's causing you nothing but pain

Is it love
That holds you at night
Is it love
That's making it right
Is it love
Or just a memory
Of what love used to be

I'm Backin' Up

(Beth Neilson Chapman & Milton Brown)

It's scary how you move me
There's a heartbreak in the air
And every time you hold me
Seems like the perfect love affair
I've got a real uneasy feeling
That I've been down this road before
Here's where I always start believing
Love can't hurt me anymore

I'm backin' up
I can't let you any closer
I'm backin' up
I need a little time to think this through
Don't want my heart
On a roller coaster
I'm backin' up
I better get away from you

Now you've heard that old expression
You gotta look before you leap
I've already learned that lesson
So until I know you love's for keeps
I better get away from you

It's Only Lonely Sometimes

(James Hersch)

Grandma sits alone
And stares outside the window
Pain is on her mind
She's got nothing left
But watching time go by
Slowly she begins to lose her focus
She prefers to choose the blind
She's got nothing left to see before she dies

I never saw my grandpa hold her
Now he's dead and I am older
No one touches grandma's shoulder
No one touches her at all
Her eyes stare so far away
I wonder where she is today
I'm leaving and all she will say is
I'll be alright alone

Chorus She says it's only lonely sometimes in the morning
And sometimes on a quiet afternoon
It's only lonely sometimes in the evening
Do you have to leave so soon

Grandma makes her bed
She takes her pills and combs her head
And feeds the bird
Shuffles tiny feet around a chilly floor
Everybody rushes by so fast
Still now and then she'll try a word
But it's lost behind
Another slamming door

She only gets to church on Christmas
She always says she barely missed us
While her morning hurt so bad
She just can't get out of bed
Still she'll write a friend a letter
When her trembling hands will let her
She can't believe it when we tell her
That her friend is three years dead


Don't Let Me Down

(Barbara Bailey Hutchison)

Isn't it rich, isn't it grand
Just how you've got me
Down on my hands...and knees
Begging you baby
Don't ever leave me
Don't let me down

Isn't it crazy, isn't it wild
We're just two strangers
Sharing a smile...from heaven
Lord how'd this happen
Don't ever leave me
Don't let me down

I used to be different
I was so strong
But when you touch me
All my strength is gone
I'm all out of control
You're in command
You know you've got my heart
In the palm of your hand
I'm begging you baby
Don't ever leave me
Don't let me down

Spirit of the Heart

(Fred Knoblock, Barry Alfonzo)

They say that in reality
The dreamer is a fool
Cause dreams are just for children
And the truth is always cruel
The sync and his wisdom
Is all I ever hear
He talks so tough and callous
To cover up the fear

You can call it crazy
Call it anything you like
But when the times are darkest
I can still make out the light
And in the grander scheme of things
I know I'll play a part
Trying to be faithful to
The spirit of the heart

Now love is so demanding
The price can be so high
If you're afraid of hurting
well, it's safer not to try
But I'll accept the danger
And I will pay the cost
And think of all the love I've found
not the love I've lost

Chorus: Bridge:
Now all I'm really saying
Is we must stand together
I want you to know you're not alone

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