The Edge of Wisdom


(Barbara Bailey Hutchison)

There's a cold wind blowin'
Takes my breath away
There's a whole world crying
The sound is deafening
Brothers killing brothers
What happened to the hood
Babies become mothers
Never knowing childhood

There's a cold wind blowin'
Stirring up a storm
Some are watching others dying
Talking peace but making war
It's raining politicians
Full of promises and plans
Changing their positions
At the drop of a hat
With the shaking of hands

Cold wind blowin'

There's a cold wind blowin'
Just outside my door
'Rolled my sleeves up and I'm goin'
But I'm frightened of the storm
Will I make a difference
Can life change at all
Can conscience and persistence
Overcome the storm

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EDGE OF WISDOM up button

(Barbara Bailey Hutchison)

I was not a perfect child
Just a tomboy kind of wild and shy
My mother's only little girl
She always had her hopes for me set high
Pale pink and lace just weren't for me
I couldn't face up
To my mother's dreams
So independent from the start
I guess I broke my mother's heart

On the edge wisdom
Trying hard to grow up
Too young
To understand a mother's love
On the edge of wisdom
Old enough to forget
How to be strong enough to love
With no regret

As I remember from the start
We pulled and pushed
Each other's heart aside
The day I finally moved away
We broke the silence
Just to say good-bye
And now we're reaching out to find
The love so long ago we left behind
Over the years I've come to know
A mother's fears are born
From love and hope

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IS IT LOVE up button

(Barbara Bailey Hutchison)

There you are all alone
Trying hard to make a good home
For a man who's just not doing his part
Night after night he comes home late
Acting like he just can't wait
To find another way to break your heart
He can't stand to see you cry
So he makes up an alibi
Trying to leave you the blame


Is it love that keeps you there tonight
is it love that's holding you right
Is it love or just a memory
Of what love used to be

Will you spend another night alone
Keeping your anger under control
Hoping he'll change someday
Can't you see you've paid a high price
Making every sacrifice
Watching your dreams slip away
Soon you'll know which way to turn
When there's no bridge there left to burn
His causing you nothing but

Is it love that holds you at night
Is it love that's making it right
Is it love or lust a memory
Of what love used to be

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JUST LET GO up button

(Barbara Bailey Hutchison)

If it feels right, just let go
If it feels nice, just let go
True love only comes around once
You're lucky if it comes around at all
Don't deny yourself the pleasure
Of recovery
You'll get by without a promise... Oh
Just let go, just let go

You've been waiting long enough
You're giving in not giving up
Break down the wall, reach for the light
Say goodbye, cross over to the other side
Just let go
If it feels right, just let go


You've been hanging on
By your fingertips
Trying your best not to fall
Take another look over the edge
It's not that bad down below
Just let go
Just let go

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COLD WAR up button

(Barbara Bailey Hutchison, Gene Cotton, Alan Moore)

I wish I knew
How to break through
The mortar and stone
Between me and you
I can't undo this all on my own
This cold war is getting colder

Lines we have drawn
During days of reckless reaction
Were hanging on
To opposite sides of fatal attraction
This cold war is getting colder
We're back to back but we're never closer
I realize now...

You'll never change and I won't give in
I can't explain, you won't understand
With no escape we're lost in a cold war
I never wanted more than enough
You never needed my kind of love
With no escape we're lost in a cold war

Colder than ice
Remember when we once
Burned with desire
Oh what a price
For building a wall
Instead of a fire
This cold war is getting colder
I lay down my arms Baby, it's over
I realize now...

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(Barbara Bailey Hutchison, Gene Cotton)

My little angel child
Wonder of love in my arms
I look at you my dream come true

And think of this world of ours
So many children to feed
So many families in need
There's enough for all to share
All the people everywhere

The world is your home
Take care of it with love
Give all you can give
And it just may be enough
The world is your home
And with everything you do
You and all the children of the Earth
Make our promises come true

I will do all I can
To help you to understand
We are all one with the same sun
Shining on every land
Sometimes the balance is wrong
But if we stand as one
There's enough for all to share
All the people everywhere

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(Barbara Bailey Hutchison)

We can never know where we're going
Life is a dance with the wind
Now our time together is ending
I can see we'll always be friends
And though it's hard to say good-bye
There's one thing I know
You will stay inside my heart
No matter where I go

The road may lead us away
And keep us apart
But I know that friends always stay
Close to the heart

Wherever your journey may lead you
Whatever path I may take
We'll always know we have each other
Memories and love never fade
Photographs of smiles and laughter
Moments we have shared
Midnight's full of tears and fears
Knowing someone cares

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IF YOU STAY up button

(Barbara Bailey Hutchison)

You could leave, you could go now
You could say good-bye
You could blame me
Say it's a shame we don't see eye to eye

If you stay if you stay
And don't walk away
If you stay
We'll find our way back to love

You could say that it's over
That you've changed inside
You could walk out
Never talk out the feelings we both hide


If we hold on to each other
This could be a great romance
If you leave. we don't stand a chance


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(Barbara Bailey Hutchison)

Home for the weekend
I arrived late tonight
Mom's gone to bed
She left on the light in the hall
I'm snuggled up here
In your favorite old chair
Hopelessly wishing I'd open my eyes
And you would be here

I miss you tonight
Remembering the days
When we laughed until we cried
Or the times when your eyes
Would shine with a father's pride
I miss you tonight

Here in my suitcase
Is a shirt that you wore
The one that I borrowed from you
So often before
It's here to remind me
And to help me feel strong
Like a part of your love
I can wear like a glove to stay warm

You left us all something
To help ease our pain
Tom has the business
Bill has your name
One look in the mirror
And I see you still
And we all have your shoes now
Suddenly too big to fill

l miss you tonight
Remembering the days
When we laughed until we cried
Or the times when your eyes
Would shine with a father's pride
I miss you tonight

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(Barbara Bailey Hutchison)

I don't know why
I don't give up
After all these years
You'd think I'd had enough
l can't go on
I can't go back
I guess it's time to take another tack
I've lost track of all the time
That I've spent wondering
If the choices I made long ago were good
But every time I try to give it up I see
There's something deep inside me
Something in my blood

That keeps me pushing towards a dream
I've been dreaming all my Life
I don't want to start again
'Cause I know inside it's right
I may dig my hole small
But I'll dig it deep
And when I wake tomorrow
I'll keep pushing towards my dream

To be a star
You've got to shine
There's a light within
Made of God's own design
Don't fear the dark
Or dread the night
That's the only time
The stars can shine as bright
There's something to be said
For being different
Though none of us
Are really just the same
There's a truth within my heart
A sort of sacrament
A deeply rooted passion
I won't ever tame

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